A Three-Day Recap

Saturday up until today has been packed with a multitude of events. Because of that, I didn't have the time to write up new posts to provide updates. In addition, it's difficult for myself to lug my DSLR everywhere, but I intend to change that. There is so much that goes on throughout my day that is picture-worthy, so it's clear that the pros outweigh the cons. 

Because of the lack of updates, and for the sake of longevity, I'll supply a day-by-day summary starting from Saturday until today. I'll try my best to recollect all of the important details and provide relevant visuals. However, I'll have to maintain brevity since I have to sleep soon because I have to wake up early for my brother's medical school graduation. 


Saturday was a day of learning and exploration. We started off the day with a lovely brunch, and got right to business. We first went to Podium, a mall in Edsa, to get haircuts, which all turned out wonderfully. You can find my haircut on my hair stylist's Instagram, but I'll leave that to you to find. Next, we went next door to Megamall to have a Michelin Star dim sum at TimHoWan. Let me just say that I did not want to eat anything for the rest of my life. I was so full afterward, I could not walk. I ended my day extremely early due to jet lag. I knocked out at 8:30 PM and struggled to sleep all the way through the night. Ah jet lag, my worst enemy. 


With another lovely brunch, Sunday started similarly to Saturday. However, we ended up having a round of coffee in the hotel lounge to take in the sights of Makati and the hotel itself. The views are absolutely spectacular, and I could spend hours admiring them. I've always been interested in architecture, and the growing number of large construction projects all over Manila has been extremely exciting to me. In addition, I just love cityscapes in general, and Manila just has a unique feel to it. 

View from the Shangri-La Club

The lobby lounge in the Makati Shangri-La

 After brunch and coffee, we relocated to the Shangri-La in Edsa because our hotel room in Makati was too small. After settling in Edsa, we explored the Shangri-La Plaza, a mall connected to our hotel. The Plaza is a surprisingly great place to shop. It feels amazingly upscale, and it's extremely clean. The highlight of our trip to the Plaza was at TWG Tea, a Singaporean tea shop that offers a wide variety of tea and tea-infused treats. The salesman at the store has such a talent for selling things, because we ended up buying a dozen macarons and returned the next day (which I will get to in a bit). The macarons were unbelievably delicious, and I just couldn't believe it. 

Love love love this shop

This makes me feel so many different emotions

Afterwards, we went to visit my aunts' new condominium, and then settled down for an extremely filling Filipino meal at Sentro. The meal encompassed everything from crispy pata to grilled squid to halo-halo and so much more.The food was so good, I wish I had brought my camera to capture all of the deliciousness. Perhaps the next time we go there — trust me, we will be back. Just like Saturday, I knocked out early because of jet lag. Although, I did sleep a bit more soundly at night. 


Today was a bit more lax than yesterday; however, we still had a lot going on. After a delectable brunch at The Heat, we went to go explore the Shangri-La Plaza again. We somehow found ourselves in there before opening, so we returned to our hotel room to relax and take a breather. Once my mom and brother returned from my brother's graduation rehearsal, we decided to have dinner at Kimukatsu to have pork tonkatsu. However, they were closed for another hour, so we went down a couple floors to have an afternoon tea at TWG Tea. After a painstaking twenty minutes to choose what teas to order, we settled on quite a few. My parents decided to try the Longevity tea, while my brother and I opted to have the Yellow Gold Tea, the rarest and most expensive tea in the world. The tea is special since the leaves are coated with 24ct gold flakes. According to the TWG Tea website, 50g of the stuff runs for $480. At the shop, since I have trouble converting PHP to USD, I had no idea a small pot of the stuff was already over $60. I must say, the tea was extremely strong, and we had quite a bit of trouble downing all of it. All in all, though, the afternoon tea was an unforgettable experience, and I'd love to go there at least once more before we leave. After tea, we finally went to Kimukatsu to finally experience what my brothers have been raving about for the longest time. No words can describe how amazing that place is, and I could eat there everyday for the rest of my life. After tonkatsu, we returned to the hotel so we can socialize with family and relax. And now here I am writing this post to provide updates on my life. 

After writing this, I finally realized the true importance of taking photos, and I'll strive to bring my camera to more places in the future. Starting tomorrow, I'll be trying my best to capture the details of my brother's graduation and the following after party. Because of the time of the event, I must be heading off to bed now. 

See you soon.