The Arrival

In my previous post, I mentioned that I'd probably write my next post before taking off to Japan. I could not have been any more wrong than that. Instead, it is 3 AM, and I'm writing next to a hotel window overlooking the Makati skyline. 

My view from the Makati Shangri-La

The voyage to the Philippines felt relatively short compared to the other times I've visited. It may have been the fact that there were more things to entertain me along the way. (Or perhaps it was the Ambien that knocked me out for hours.) I must add, Whiplash is a fantastic movie, and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Twelve hours after departing from the US, we reached the Narita airport, and headed straight toward Tatsu, quite possibly my most favorite udon place on the entire earth. It just makes me feel good, and it brings back nostalgic memories from other times we've traveled through that airport. Plus, their tempura udon is just delicious. See for yourself. 

If you don't find this appetizing, then please reevaluate your life. 

The Narita airport really is a fantastic place to rest in-between flights, and the amenities provided by the airport are top notch. My particular favorite place in the airport is the lounge, where I can rest before hopping on another plane to Manila. With unconventional seating arrangements, and artistic accent panels, the lounge is a place I could spend hours relaxing. Just look at this guy, he's so relaxed...I think. He was in that position for at least half an hour. But that's besides the point. Look at those panels. 

Some say he's still sitting there till this day.

The four hour flight to Manila from Tokyo was easy for me — I slept for about 75% of it. Although, I guess I missed a lot while I was in dreamland. Apparently, a passenger had passed out, and my mom had to go and help him. I didn't know of this until after the flight, however. I was confused when I saw my mom walking up and down the aisles with her stethoscope around her neck, but I was almost sure I was still asleep. 

Upon arrival in Manila, my family and I went straight to our hotel to meet with my brothers and my brother's girlfriend. It was so nice to finally see them again after about six months. Had we not gone to the Philippines, we wouldn't have seen them for over a year. Because we were craving Filipino food, we went out to the shopping complex, Greenbelt, next to our hotel. The restaurant we ate at was extremely delicious, but I personally didn't enjoy it enough as much I should I have. Since it was past midnight, I was more concerned about getting back to the hotel, taking a shower, and sleeping. Yet, alas, here I am — four thirty in the morning and writing a blog post. And because of that, I will be ending the post here, so I can catch some zzz's. 

See you soon.