Kristen Apolinario

Hello! If you somehow haven't yet noticed, my name is Kristen Apolinario, and I take pictures.

I'm nineteen years old, and hail from Madison, Wisconsin. Over the past three years, my interest in photography has continually been rising to new heights. In my freshman year of high school, I took a photography class where I had to create and maintain a blog to showcase my work. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the idea — it combines two of some of my most favorite things, photography and writing, after all. However, for many different reasons, I never felt like I was reaching my full potential. 

While learning and exploring different styles of photography was fun in and of itself, I craved something much more personal and intimate. I was looking for an outlet wherein I could visually express and open myself to the world. In spite of that, because school, and the stress arising from it, occupied the majority of my life, I never had the time nor the energy to even consider starting a new site. However, after battling through major hardships and obstacles in my life, I had come to realize that writing and photography are two major ways that help me cope and conquer. 

I created this site in hopes of furthering myself as a person as well as a writer and photographer. Through words and photos, I want to find myself and watch myself grow up in the process. Although, I must clarify, this project is not solely for and about me — I want to display my work to all of you and hope it adds something to your day. By sharing my life and travel experiences, I seek to entertain and perhaps give insight along the way. 

Come see life through my eyes (and my lens).